#JoyFriday escapade

t's funny how "plans" sometimes fall apart, so something greater can come to pass.

I had my heart set on visiting plumbers today, because I read that Black Friday was an exceptionally busy day for them. Aaron and I had quite the adventure trying to find some, only to resolve that our search was not unfolding the way we'd planned.

So...Aaron suggested a different course of action - let's find some maintenance men at Disney - surely they've had their hands full with the holiday burst of tourists - and so, we journeyed to one of the resorts.

Upon arriving, we explained #JoyFriday, and the front desk team let us know they'd page maintenance. Moments later, two gentlemen from the engineering team approached, asking if we were there "as a joke". (People are so surprised by kindness!) I explained we were there to thank them, and recognize their efforts, and uncertain faces turned into smiles, followed by hugs, followed by a request for a selfie!

(A memorable interaction we'll treasure!)